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Identify And Get The Health Benefits Of Asparagus

Asparagus is known as one of the vegetables that have excellent benefits for health. But what exactly are the benefits of asparagus? How many calories are in asparagus? Is there any evidence that could corroborate that asparagus has as an anti-cancer? Is it all just a myth or a fact or rumor? Let us recognize and get the health benefits of asparagus.

Asparagus is one food or type of vegetables that are beneficial for health. These vegetables are vegetables that can be consumed daily, although sometimes less popular than other similar vegetables such as beans, long beans, and others. When entering a kind of menu in the daily diet, 80 grams of asparagus would be nice if included in the menu.

 Health Benefits Of Asparagus
Like most other types of vegetables, asparagus is good and will give the health benefits of asparagus depends on how it is cooked and served. While eating asparagus topped with melted butter, the flavor of asparagus definitely very tasty. But you should avoid the use of butter because butter contains a lot of calories and fat.

Asparagus dish is healthy and healthful dish of asparagus were cooked until tender and then blended together with boiled water. Asparagus are cooked briefly in boiling water (just surround 2-3 minutes), loaded with vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A, B, and vitamin K, and iron.

Health benefits of asparagus known because asparagus is a good source of vitamin K. Five stalks of asparagus has 35 percent of the recommended daily intake of nutrients. Vitamin K is known because it can help the process of blood clotting, vitamin K is also very good for health of the bones.  This kind of vitamin regulates mineralization of the bones, facilitating the production of proteins which needed to process calcium absorption, and help maintain density of the bones. Density decrease or bone loss especially in women is often caused by inadequate intake of foods containing vitamin K.

Antioxidant in asparagus is other health benefits of asparagus. Substances contained by asparagus can neutralize free radicals in the body before the free radicals attack healthy cells and causing various diseases. Asparagus also contains vitamin A in the form of carotenoids, which can act as antioxidants, this vegetables also contain vitamin C, vitamin E, and manganese. Vitamin C can neutralize free radicals throughout the body, while vitamin E can increase the elasticity of the skin. Manganese specifically protects small structures within each cell that produce energy. Five rod of asparagus can meet 25 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin A, six percent of the daily requirement of vitamin C, seven percent of the daily requirement of vitamin E and manganese.

Asparagus also contains a substance called quercetin and kaempferol, which is better known as flavonoids. Both of these substances are antioxidants that can overcome the problem of inflammation in the body. Flavonoids are also known to have the ability to avoid cancer by inhibiting the growth of cells of cancers, but these kinds of substances are not absorbed easily, so researchers continue to do more research to find out how to maximize the potential of these substances. According to one study, women who consumed substances kaempferol have the possibility of ovarian cancer 40% lower than those who did not consume them.

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