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The Benefits of Pears for Health and Skin

Who doesn’t love pears? Pears are tasty, sweet and fresh, and everyone loves eating pears in all seasons. There are many kinds of pears, such as Anjou, Barlett and Bosc, but we all agree that all pears are delicious. 

Consuming pears regularly will bring you a lot of benefits. You can get both health benefits and skincare benefits if you keep eating pears. Here’s a list of the benefits of pears.



The Benefits of Pears for Health

These juicy fruits do taste good and refreshing, but there are a lot other advantages of having pears. Pears are widely known for their health benefits. There are numerous benefits of pears for health. If you want to be fit and live longer, don’t hesitate to include pears in your diet plan. 

The first health benefit is the high fiber. Pears are known as high fiber fruits. A pear will fulfill 24% of your daily fiber need. The high fiber in a pear is very good to keep your bowel regularity, which leads to a better digestion system and better health in general. This will also prevent you from colon cancer. The fiber contained in a pear will help sustaining your blood sugar level as well, so switch your snacking habit to one pear a day. 

Pears are also popular as hypoallergenic fruits, and this is one of the notable health benefits of pears. Pears are safe for everyone, including infants and those who have food sensitivities. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about taking pears as your regular favorites. 

Benefits of PearsAnother health benefit of pears is the pectin. Pears have higher pectin than apples do. Pectin in pears is very helpful for lowering cholesterol levels. You can also fight constipation because pectin is diuretic, so you can do your daily business easily without having terrible effects by drinking pear juice, not laxative medication. 

Pears are very good as a source of high antioxidants, which is why it’s one of the health benefits of pears. These antioxidants are powerful for a better immune system. When you feel like having a cold, quickly grab a pear or drink pear juice to restore your health. The high antioxidants found in a pear will also keep your blood pressure normal. Pears are great for people with high blood pressure because they help reduce the blood pressure levels.
When you feel a little weak and tired, get your energy back by drinking a fresh pear juice. Pears are known for the high amounts of fructose and glucose. Therefore, instead of buying energy drink, you can get a natural energy drink from pear. It’s safer and better for your body. 

Last but not least, one of the health benefits of pears is anti-inflammatory. Pears can help relieve your pain due to inflammatory condition.

The Benefits of Pears for Skin

Looking pretty, glowing and refreshed is absolutely easy if you love pears. These juicy fruits are popular as natural skin remedies. You can treat your skin problems with pears for a better and healthier skin. Or, if your skin is already fine and you want to keep it that way, pears are great for that, too. 

The first one of the benefits of pears for your skin is to treat oily skin. Having an oily face is basically good because you’re likely to be wrinkle-free, but still, if your face is too shiny, you won’t look attractive. 

Therefore, you can use a pear as face mask. Simply make a mixture of a mashed pear, honey and cream. And then, apply the mixture on your face and wait for fifteen minutes before rinse. 

Pears are also beneficial for your acne. You can eat a pear or drink a pear juice if you want to have a healthier and acne-free skin. Pears have numerous vitamins and high minerals. So, to help fight acne from the inside, don’t hesitate to include pears in your daily diet and you will get the benefits of pears for skin. 

You can also use some natural beauty products containing pears extract for a fairer skin, such as body wash, facial wash, lip balm, body lotion and so on. Using these products will give you the benefits of pears as well.

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