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Benefits Of Chamomile Tea Which Not Widely Known By People

Chamomile is an herb derived from chamomile flowers are included in the daisy family. This flower has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb, both in the form of fresh flowers as well as dried. Essential oils are the active ingredient in chamomile is known as a substance that has efficacy as an anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, and anti-microbial. It This can be difficult to find out what the real benefits of chamomile tea, because facts which actually is often enclosed by myth as well as rumor so that become blurred. The use of chamomile tea had been started since the times of ancient Egyptian and Roman times.

Looking at the number of people who take advantage of chamomile flowers for medical purposes quite many, many studies done to prove that this interest does have benefits to human health, because it is  impossible that large numbers of people deluded them self by using something that is not any good at all. One study proves scientifically that chamomile flowers are made ​​into a tea it can be beneficial to human health.

Benefits Of Chamomile Tea
A study published in a scientific journal 'Alternative and Complementary Therapies' in June 2012, entitled 'A Review of the Effectiveness of Herbal Medicines in overcoming Insomnia' shows that one of the main objectives of the use of benefits of chamomile tea is to overcome sleep disorders or insomnia which is often called . 

However, from the results of the study, the researchers obtain evidence that chamomile tea has no effect at all or have very little effect in overcoming sleep disorders. In addition, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine U.S. government released a statement on their website on page chamomile that: 'Chamomile has not been well studied in people so there is little evidence to support its use for any condition. It is partly based on a comprehensive database of natural remedy that does not have enough evidence to be mentioned as a drug that has benefits for health.

Yet another study conducted in 2005 and led by researchers from England named Elaine Homles published in the January 26 edition, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry suggests there are at least two benefits of chamomile tea which is an increase of anti-bacterial activity and sedative effects. There is an increased level of hippurate body after drinking chamomile tea, which showed an increase in the body's ability to fight infection and fever. The researchers said that by drinking chamomile tea can help relieve muscle spasm by increasing levels of glycine in the body, it would also explain why chamomile tea can help with menstrual cramps in women

Besides glycine substances contained in the flower or chamomile tea is also known to function as a nerve relaxant that has a calming effect.

Although there is no scientific evidence sufficient stating  benefits of chamomile tea does not mean that there is no benefit at all by drinking chamomile tea. Research on the health benefits of chamomile tea will continue to be made and for the moment will be better draw your own conclusions based on what is common and what is the common practice is beneficial or not for us.

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  1. Drinking chamomile tea soothes the nervous system so that you can sleep better. It has been used as a solution for insomnia for centuries. See the link below for more info.