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Acquiring the Chia Seed Benefits for Healthier Daily Menus

There are various natural products that can be very beneficial for anyone who consumes them; chia seed is one of the natural products that is mentioned as super food.

It is a product from a flowering plant called chia which is one of the members of mint plant family. Chia or Calvia hispanica belong to the family Lamiaceae that is a native plant of Mexico and Guatemala.

It is traditionally cultivated by the Aztec for food consumption. Its name is derived from Nahuatl word chian whose meaning is oily; it is an annual plat or herb that can grow about 1 meter tall with purple or white flower. 

The seed is the main product acquired from the chia plant; it contains omega 3 fatty acid that made the chia seed being one of the popular healthy food materials. The chia seed is oval shaped with 1 mm diameter in black, brown and grey color. It is a traditional food product in Mexico while the chia seed benefits made the seed very popular all around the globe. 

The Nutrient of Chia Seed


The nutrient contained by the chia seed is the secret of its benefit; an ounce or about 28 grams of chia seeds have 9 grams of fat, 5 mg of sodium and 11 grams of fiber with the addition of protein in about 4 grams. 

The fact the chia seeds contain calcium, phosphorus and manganese made the chia seed benefits being popular and made the seed as essential food for human consumption. It is being as popular as flax and sesame that also contain the similar nutrient. 

The chia seed is well known for athlete diet menu; the Tarahumara Indians also consume the chia seed when traveling through a desert. 

Other Indians like Inca, Maya and Aztec are also recorded to consume chia seed during the hunting session. 

This fact leads to the conclusion that the chia seed benefits are believed to be essential for producing more strength and also endurance. 

The Benefits of Consuming Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds BenefitsThe presence of soluble fibers, anti oxidants and the high omega 3 as well as various minerals on the chia seed is the secret of the chia seed benefits that made this seed very popular. 

The fibers and the anti oxidant contents on the chia seed made this seed has a unique benefit to the consumers. The rich content of omega 3 fatty acid as a poly saturated fat is beneficial for reducing inflammation as well as to enhance the human cognitive and reducing the cholesterol level. 

Another essential content of the chia seed is the fiber; it has the similar effect to reduce the inflammation and to improve the performance of the bowel in the digestion system. 

The two table spoon of chia seed is having 10 grams of fiber which is about one third of the recommended fiber in the daily menu.

The presence of antioxidants in the chia seed is among the chia seed benefits that anyone can get when consuming the seed; the antioxidants can protect the body by removing the free radicals. It can prevent the earlier aging effects and also capable of preventing cancerous cells to grow. 

The high antioxidant content in the chia seed also made the seed can be stored in a longer period; chia seeds can secure its nutrient in two years without any refrigeration procedure. 

Another benefit among the chia seed benefits is the presence of high amount of minerals. Chia seeds have 18 percents of daily recommended intake of calcium; 35 percents of phosporus and 24 percents of the recommended daily magnesium intake. The minerals are essential to keep the body in a well regulated state. The minerals are essential to prevent hypertension as well as to have a proper weight. 

The healthy DNA synthesis is also affected by the presence of those minerals. The ability to regulate the energy metabolism is one of the chia seed benefits that anyone can get for consuming this healthy food. Chia seed is a gluten free food material; it can be included to the glutten free diet menu. 

Another unique fact of chia seed is its ability to form gel after mixed with liquid; the gel is an alternative material to replace eggs for producing baked foods.

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