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The Essential Sunflower Seeds Health Benefits to the Human Body

Sun flower is one of the popular flowers; it is an American native with large flowering head. It is an annual plant that is known for the large flowers that resemble the look and the shape of the sun; hence the name of sunflower.

The flower has strong and hairy stem, rough leaves and large circular flower head that contain plenty of individual flowers that will mature to produce the seeds. The sun flower seeds and the sunflower oil are the most popular products of the sunflower. 

There are other benefits acquired from the sunflower plant; the leaves are commonly used for cattle food while the stems that contain strong fiber are commonly used as material for producing paper.

The sunflower seeds are commonly consumed; there are sunflower seeds health benefits that anyone can get for consuming the seeds of the sunflower. Sunflower is usually cultivated in the drained moist soil combined with plenty of sunlight. 

These plants are cultivated to produce the sunflower seeds that are being the main commodity produced by the sunflower plants. The seeds are about 6 mm to 10 mm with conical shape covered with hard and smooth surfaced shell. The white kernel inside the shell is edible and capable of producing the sunflower seed oil. 

Sunflower is cultivated all around the world; especially on the tropical region of the world where plenty of sunlight is available.


The Nutrition Fact of the Sunflower Seed

Sunflower Seeds Health BenefitsThe nutrition is the secret behind the benefits of consuming the sunflower seeds; there are various benefits that anyone can get by consuming the sunflower seeds. The seeds are sweet and nutty; they are containing calories, vitamins and minerals as well as fatty acids that are essentials for promoting health to the consumers. 

The sunflower seeds health benefits are essential for anyone who wanted to acquire the beneficial nutrient from the seeds. The sunflower seeds are usually extracted to produce oil as well as processes to produce delicious and healthy snacks.

The polyphenol compounds are contained in the sunflower seeds; some of sunflower seeds health benefits are acquired from the presence of hte acids, vitamins and minerals contained in the seed. 

The quinic, caffeic and chlorogenic acids are capable to act as natural antioxidants to remove the harmful molecules from the human body. The chlorogenic acid is capable of regulating the blood sugar level due to its ability to breakdown the glycogen in te human liver.


The Health Benefits of the Sunflower Seeds

The sunflower seeds are containing plenty of calories; the seeds can be processed to produce delicious and crunchy snacks for human consumption. The 100 grams of sunflower seeds contain 584 calories with the addition of beneficial nutrients like minerals, vitamins and fatty acids that can act as natural anti oxidants. 

The presence of poly unsaturated fatty acid on the sunflower seed like the linoleic acid and the mono unsaturated acid like the oleic acid can reduce the level of bad cholesterol and improve the level of good cholesterol in the human body. It is one of the sunflower seeds health benefits to reduce the risk of stroke and artery diseases. 

The sunflower seed is also rich in protein and amino acids; it can be very essential menu for the children in the growing ages. There is 21 grams of protein in the 100 grams of sunflower seeds which is about 37% of the recommended daily protein consumption.

The presence of vitamins in the sunflower seed is providing the sunflower seeds health benefits that anyone can get. The vitamin E is an essential antioxidant; it can protect and maintain the condition of the human cell membranes as well as the human skin. 

The vitamin E contained in the sunflower seed is capable to protect the human body from the oxygen free radicals that can be very harmful to the body. 

The presence of vitamin B from the niacin, folic acid and the thiamin as well as riboflavin made the sunflower seed is one of the healthy food that can be added to the daily menus. 

Niacin can reduce the LDL cholesterol in the blood; it is also capable of reducing anxiety and neurosis. 

The presence of folic acid in the seed also can support the DNA synthesis; it can be an essential material to prevent neural tube defects in the developing and growing babies.

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