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About the Healthy Benefits of Strawberry

Strawberry can be called as the one of the healthiest fruit which always makes you healthy, and you can always add strawberry for your diet. So, you really should know about the complete strawberry health benefits.

Therefore, you need to realize that this is such a healthy fruit with full of antioxidants and the most essential healthy nutrients which always believed to greatly reduce the cancer risk, the inflammatory and also heart disease as well. This fruit is also great to reduce the risk of birth defects and if you really wish to manage your weight, consume this fruit will always become a good choice for you. 

The recent 20 years studies also shows that consuming high level of fruits and vegetables will always become a great action to reduce the cancer risk. Strawberry also believed as a fruit with the high ability for cancer-fighting. That’s why consuming this fruit will giving you so many health benefits and keeping you young always because of the high antioxidant from the strawberry fruit for you. Either the extracts of strawberries or the strawberry on freeze-dried always giving a great influence for people. 

Actually, strawberry is also a great fruit to fight against some types of cancer such as cervical, breast and also the esophageal cancers.

About the Health Facts of Strawberry


Strawberry Health BenefitsThere are some compounds which contain on strawberry, and you can see about the strawberry health benefits from the nutrients to fight against cancer. 

The healthy nutrients are the antioxidants and also the phytonutrients which commonly found not only on strawberry but also on other healthy fruits and vegetables. Strawberry also contains of high antioxidants such as vitamin C, the ellagic acid and also the flavonoids which always keeping human’s body cells on a good condition always. 

Based on the official statement from California Strawberry Comission, the daily consumption of strawberry around 8 for everyday will always giving you enough supply of the vitamin C. 

So, you will get the lower risk of several types of diseases such as hormone-dependent cancer, the breast cancer and also cervical cancer. 

Strawberry also great to solve the stomach problem, and the healthy nutrients of strawberry just like quercetin, flavonoid, anthocyanins and others are always great to lowering the risk for a serious problem of colon cancer. Strawberry also great to reduce the prostate problem, and it is also great to remove the cancer cells on breast which can possibly found on women. 

This fruit is always great when you consume it periodically since it will greatly reduce all problems of cancer on tounge, colon, lung, etc. Actually, the level of antioxidant for strawberry is already measured by the researches by applying the method of ORAC by the United States Department of Agriculture. Strawberry itself is already considered as a fruit with high antioxidant level, and it is all because of the healthy nutrients on strawberry. 

So, strawberry can be called as a super food with high antioxidant such as vitamin A and B plus folate and others which always believe with a high ability to reduce the birth defects.

Other Great Facts of Strawberry

Actually, strawberry is also great for the health of heart. It is believed that women who are always consuming strawberry in everyday life will always have a healthy lifestyle and the problem of heart health will also greatly reduced. It is all because of a high level of vitamin C as the most powerful antioxidant which always reduces the rate of death because of the disease from cardiovascular problem. 

The stabile consumption of strawberry will also great to reduce the problem of angina and it will help you to keep all your body cells great because the lower risk of inflammation. In strawberry, you will also find out the folate nutrient which always great for the health of heart and keeping your heart in a good condition. 

So, the serious problem of fatal coronary will be avoided, and actually this is such a healthy fruit which always contains a high level of potassium plus fiber to give many benefits for your heart. Make sure that you really understand about the complete strawberry health benefits to make you staying healthy always.

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