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Hello.... My name is Subaniah from Indonesia. I created this blog to share benefits of plants and fruits from my country, Indonesia and around the world.

As a citizen of Indonesia I feel very proud to be Indonesian women because the great and amazing culture and diverse.

Many people in the world are more familiar with Bali than any other city in my country. We have many beautiful beach and temple and many more that you can find not only in Bali but also in another many cities in Indonesia.  

My Photo above I took when I was on holiday in Bali

In this modern era many people are looking for medicines made ​​from plants or fruits because they are very good for our health and the most important thing is no bad effects.

That's why I always use the benefits of plants or fruits for my health to take care my stamina.

In these days there are many medicine factories that like to manufacture the medicine from plants or fruits.

My article in this blog to increase your acknowledge about the benefits that you can get from supply the plants and fruits for your daily health.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Sincerely yours,


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