Monday, May 20, 2013

Infuse Your Healthy Life Style with Blueberry

Blueberry is one of fruits that not only popular but also bring so much health benefits as well. Small package bring lots of health benefit and that is blueberry are.

In the US, blueberry sits on the second rank of the most consumption fruits after strawberry. Not only popular because of its delicious taste, it also popular because of its health benefit. Among all kind of fruit, blueberry is the kind of fruit that packed with lots of antioxidant and it make it very popular among the healthy life style people.

Blueberry Nutrition

It was true that there is so much blueberry health benefits that people can get. You also can enjoy the same benefit but first, let’s check out the blueberry nutrition and what this fruit have inside that make it so powerful.

  • Blueberry Health Benefits Fiber. You can eat a handful of blueberry and you get enough fiber for the rest of the day.
  • Vitamin C. Everyone know about the benefit of vitamin C and if you consume blueberry in just one serving, you already fulfill ¼ of your daily vitamin C requirement.
  • Manganese. This is the mineral that you like to have inside your body because it can help you in the bone development department and it also can help to transform those carbohydrates and protein into energy.
  • Antioxidant. This is when things get more interesting. Most of the blueberry healthbenefits come from antioxidant properties that it have. 

There are so much more blueberry nutrition that give their benefit for people health and makes it part of the must eat fruit by everyone. 

Health Benefit from Blueberry

If we must make a list of blueberry health benefits, than it will be a very long list. Here are some of those benefits that you need to know:

  • Help people in preserve their eye vision. Blueberry has this anthocyanins (one among many healthy nutrition found inside blueberry) that can help to protect people retina from oxygen damage. It also can help to protect people eye from the damage that caused by sunlight. Overall, it will help people to slow down the visual loss.
  • Help people with their cognitive function. Blueberry has more advantage and it doesn’t stop in helping people healthy but it also keep people to think clearly. The whole nutrition that blueberry have can prevent the any degeneration and also the death of neurons brain cell. By helping all those damages, it helps people to fight Alzheimer disease. Regular consumption of blueberry can help people to improve their memory and fight all kind of cognitive issue that usually associated with aging.
  • Fight against cancer. Many research has show the potential ability of blueberry to fight against cancer.
  • Another blueberry health benefits that people can enjoy is helping people to lose their fat belly. The study has shown that those who consume blueberry has less abdominal fat,  lower cholesterol level  and increasing insulin sensitivity. Overall it helps people not only to get better and healthier life but it also can help people to lose weight.
  • Stabilized people blood sugar level. People with blood sugar, especially those with type 2 diabetes can enjoy the fact that blueberry have favorable impact on their blood sugar regulations.
  • Fight disease and any sign of aging in human body. Being rich with anti oxidant makes blueberry is a favorable fruit when it comes to fighting any aging sign. The antioxidant properties inside blueberry will fight and neutralizes free radicals, which was the main source of aging signs.
  • Fight the possibility of having heart disease. As most people aware, bad cholesterol can lead to heart disease. Blueberry and their antioxidant power can help to dissolve all those bad cholesterol and that mean helping people with their heart disease.
  • Improve digestion system. Fiber, sodium, fructose and lots of vitamin inside blueberry can help to improve people digestion system and also keep away constipation.

There are still plenty of blueberry health benefits that people can enjoy. Of course to enjoy those benefit people need to consume this fruit in daily basis and handful of it every time they eat it. One other thing that people want to do is to eat fresh and raw blueberry because it will give better benefit than the already processed one.

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