Saturday, June 15, 2013

Realize Almond Milk Benefits

Most people do not realize that Almond milk is more nutritious and has more nutrients than regular cow's milk, this could be due to milk almond through a different process to the process through which the milk cow. Almond milk is a good substitute for those who have an allergy to lactose or have an allergy to soy. Just like soy milk.  Almond milk, is also a perfect alternative substitute for cow's milk and has a rich flavor.

Almond milk benefits is perfect for those who are on a diet to lose weight. Almond milk is low in calories, 8 ounces fresh almond milk (without added sugar) only contains about 60 calories, and it has a much lower impact on daily caloric intake, compared to skim milk. Almond milk also contains vitamins that very much, and the amount of calcium needed for bone growth. Just like other conventional milk products, almond milk has a very rich nutrition, and is a good source to get some vitamins that are soluble in fat. A cup of fresh almond milk has nutritional value as follows 50 % of vitamin E, 25 % of vitamin D, and 10 % of vitamin A.

Almond Milk Benefits
Almond milk benefits sought after because the benefits are very good for health. The content of vitamins A and E can act as antioxidants, enhance the body's immune system, and inhibit damage to the body's cells and tissues. In addition, vitamin A is also very good for eye health as well as to maintain healthy skin. Meanwhile, vitamin D helps improve and maintain strong bones and teeth, and also boost immunity.

Other almond milk benefits is almond milk contains phosphorus and potassium are lower than regular milk or soy milk. A person suffering from chronic or acute kidney disease, should limit the intake of this mineral. Almond milk also contains omega fatty acids, commonly known by most people as a compound found in fish. Almond milk is also enriched by a very good calcium for healthy bones and teeth. Strong bones is essential to avoid the disease osteoporosis. Calcium is also needed to regulate blood pressure and muscle contraction as well as for good. Someone with an allergy to cow's milk often do not get enough calcium and with almond milk, they can meet calcium needs.

Almond milk benefits is also very good for those who suffer from diabetes because this milk has a very low sugar content which is only about 7 grams. Content of low sugar content and a simple chain making almond milk has a low glycemic properties, this means that the body can digest fully almond milk and used for energy. Consuming almond milk can also help improve heart health, since milk contains only 5 mg of sodium and cholesterol in a simple composition. Sodium and cholesterol levels are low, and the content of approximately 150 mg of potassium in almond milk can help maintain blood pressure levels in the normal state and help keep the heart healthy.

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