Thursday, July 11, 2013

Increase Health With Benefits Of Lemon Juice

Many people already know the benefits of lemon juice for health. This juice has been consumed by humans since centuries ago. Lemon juice can serve to prevent and fight cancer, and it can be a very potent anti-oxidant that prevents the entry of free radicals into the body, or repel free radicals within the body. Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C which is essential in building the body's immune system, and also can nourish the digestive tract, preventing heart failure, and can accelerate wound healing.

Benefits of lemon juice can be used not only to maintain health or expel disorders and diseases in the body, but lemon juice can also be used as a germ killer in the house, removing stains, cleaning kitchen equipment or appliances such as stoves, and can be used to remove any remaining wax former. Additionally, lemon juice can also serve as an insecticide, which can repel flies, mosquitoes, and other insects. Although lemon juice is very acidic taste, but it can help the body to obtain the necessary alkaline body pH, which is in the range of 7.4 points. The sour taste is also very important to maintain an alkaline pH is beneficial to fight cancer and other diseases.

Here are some other benefits of lemon juice: lemon juice can cleanse the blood impurities and toxins, lowers blood sugar levels, cleanse the kidneys of various nuisance and toxic substances, help you lose weight because it has pectin substance on his skin, helps the body fight osteoporosis by absorbing more calcium, helps bone growth in the fetus, helping tackle sleep disorders or insomnia.

 Benefits Of Lemon Juice
Benefits of lemon juice does not stop there, there are many other benefits, namely, potassium content contained in lemon juice can improve concentration, improve memory, improve brain and nerve cells work, calm the mind, strengthen the immune system, prevent cancer, against infections, treating coughs and colds, asthma overcome interference, and can overcome the nausea and vomiting caused by travel sickness.

Do not stop yet, there's more other benefits of lemon juice. The benefit is that lemon juice can solve problems related to bones and joints such as back pain, joint pain, arthritis, and sciatica. Lemon juice can also be used to address the problem of acne on the face and black spots. Rinsing your hair with lemon juice can also strengthen the hair so it does not easily fall out or broken, and can also make hair more radiant. For those of you who've had chemotherapy, lemon juice can cleanse the body from the effects of radiation due to the chemotherapy treatment.

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